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Curtain Cleaning

Curtain Dry Cleaning

Dry Clean your curtains

Contrary to what you may think, dry cleaning does not refer to a dry method of cleaning clothes. Instead, it refers to a form of cleaning that uses a chemical solvent other than water to clean; hence why it is called “dry cleaning”.


The clothes are basically soaked in the solvent and cleaned without the use of water. Dry Cleaners commonly use perchloroethylene, or PERC, to clean the clothes.


Alternatively, they could also use trichloroethane or petroleum spirits as a solvent to clean your clothes. However, these chemicals are potentially harmful to the environment, which is why we have invested in change.

We now offer  offer  ECO cleaning. Eco cleaning, otherwise known as wet cleaning,  is essentially professional cleaning that avoids the use of chemical solvents. Compared to dry cleaning, they are also more environmentally friendly, thanks to the sensitive machinery  we are having installed and specialised detergents and conditioners that are biodegradable.


If you are more environmentally friendly, wet cleaning offers a safer, equally effective method of cleaning clothing that requires special care and attention.


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Let a professional do the hard work for you

Here at Home And Dry Cleaning Services we offer professional carpet and upholstery cleaning aswel as professional oven cleaning including hobs and extraction units. We offer a high quality service at very reasonable prices and apply a friendly personal touch.


Who will carry out the work in your home?

Nathan is our expert, who has over 7 years of experience in the professional carpet and upholstery cleaning trade. He also has been professionally cleaning ovens for 4 years. Priding himself on offering a cleaning service that is of the highest standard, reliable, efficient and very competitive prices with the added personal touch.

Always going that extra mile to make my customers feel satisfied and valued.

So give me us a call today to get a no obligation quote.


Curtain Cleaning
at your property

Curtain cleaning may be the last thing you think of to do on a regular basis.


However, you will be surprised about the amount of dust and dirt that can build up of a short period of time, also If you live near a busy road you may also notice carbon deposits around where open windows are.


All of this also creates odours and discoloration, a lot of material used in Roman Blinds and Curtains can be confusing on how to clean,

we at Home & Dry are here to help!

We can come out to look at your window dressings and work out the correct cleaning method, we then return and clean them in situ, meaning no hassle in taking down and re-hanging.

  • Gentle, safe, environmentally friendly products

  • Specialists for carpet, upholstery, leather and curtain cleaning

  • Stain Guard and Chemspec approved treatments

  • All furniture is carefully moved and protected

  • Dry within hours


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