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Dry Cleaning


The Eco- and Clothes-friendly solution

Home and Dry Chichester are the experts in Dry Cleaning in West Sussex & Hampshire. 

We process all of our Dry Cleaning in house at our processing factory in Chichester unlike some Dry Cleaners and Launderettes that outsource to local companies.

This gives us the ability to manage quality control and ensure your garments are looked after and presented to perfection they disserve. 

We can Dry Clean:

Curtains - Suits - Wedding Dresses - Jackets - Curtains - Furniture Covers - Woollen items and much much more.....

Our new eco-friendly variation on traditional dry cleaning has proven to be very popular with our customers, who are quick to report how amazing the results are.

They often comment on how soft, clean and fresh their dry clean only items have become. Colours seem more vibrant and we can even dislodge stains that cannot be removed through ordinary dry cleaning.

Environmental Benefits

What dry cleaning can do, wet cleaning does better! Wet cleaning avoids the risk of the dry cleaning chemical PERC as it is solvent-free, meaning less toxins being pumped into the atmosphere.

The wet cleaning process is also much more energy-efficient than the normal dry cleaning process, meaning a reduction in carbon footprint.

Dry Cleaning with a Difference

Our specialist wet cleaning equipment cleans a wide range of garments and materials that cannot normally withstand the dry cleaning process. Say goodbye to that dry cleaned smell, and as the wet cleaning process is solvent-free, it is kinder for your skin too!

Wet Cleaning is the safe, conscientious, yet hard-working cleaning solution we’ve been waiting for!

Please note: this system is suitable for all items marked ‘Dry clean only’.