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Commercial laundry

We offer more than just a domestic laundry service...

Top Quality Service

Home & Dry provide experienced, professional laundry and dry cleaning services to local businesses, in sectors such as catering, events and corporate venues. We consider the environment in everything we do and are pleased to offer eco-friendly cleaning services and wet cleaning – an environmentally friendly alternative to dry cleaning. This service can be used on any ‘Dry clean only’ label garment.


Linen Hire is a flexible and stress-free alternative to laundering your own linen.

We have a dedicated linen hire service that is tailored to each individual organisation. 


Air B&B and Holiday Let Linen

  • Five star linen service

  • Top grade, hand finished linen

  • Customised linen service

  • Using quality Mitre linen

  • Timely and reliable laundry delivery service


Home & Dry services the following corporate sectors:

  • Hotels – Bed linen & Own linen

  • Leisure - Gymnasiums & Spa's.

  • Business/Offices – Staff Dry Cleaning

  • Laundry Rental Companies – All aspects of laundry services

  • Others  Business laundry  - Mechanics & Work overalls


Our Hotel Laundry Service is specifically tailored to the hospitality industry in Chichester.

Whether you’re a luxury 5* hotel or situated in the budget sector of the hospitality market, our main emphasis is all about the commercial viability to fulfil your requirements.

No matter which end of market, we keep our hotel laundry and linen services cost effective for all.


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