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Wedding Dress Care

Hand cleaned.
Steamed and pressed.

Delivered in a hand-made box, lined with acid-free paper.

Cherrish your memories

Wedding dresses are precious items. They hold so many memories. So when it comes to looking after your wedding dress, make sure you choose someone who gives it the care and attention it deserves.

Our wet cleaning process is specifically designed to care for delicate items. Ensuring trims and decorative elements, like diamantés, are not damaged. We inspect every dress and select a bespoke cleaning process for your dress.

Suitable for all size dresses.

Gold Wedding Dress Package

  • Bespoke dress cleaning

  • Dress is checked for stains and finished by hand

  • Placed in premium hand-made box, with choice of design

  • Dress is lined in Acid Free Tissue paper to protect it for years to come

  • Free collection and delivery

Get a quote

Let us know a bit more about your wedding dress, and we'll send you a quote.

Veil included?
Dress train
Stain level

Storage box (optional)

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