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Golden Wedding Dress Package

We understand how precious your wedding dress is to you. Not only is it probably the most expensive dress you will ever own, but it holds some of your most treasured memories.

In order to preserve your wedding dress it is essential that it is cleaned and packaged correctly for storage in order to prevent fading, damage and ageing.

Home & Dry are experts at cleaning and packaging wedding dresses.

Our Gold Wedding Dress Package includes:

  • Professional cleaning

  • A premium hand-made box, with a choice of designs

  • A personalised, premium quality hanger

  • A personalised, engraved wooden tag

  • FREE Collection and delivery

Our wedding dress cleaning and boxing packages range from 

£200 – £250, depending on the type and value of the dress.

All dresses are cleaned using our amazing Miele non-chemical

eco-cleaning system. Once checked, they are packaged with care ready to be returned to you. Our presentation storage boxes are interlaced with PH balanced tissue paper that protects the dress over time from water-based damage and mould.

Make sure your memories of your happiest day are properly preserved.

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