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Duvet & Pillow Cleaning

Returned in 48 hours.

Guaranteed results.

Polyester, Feather/Down and 'Dry Clean only' items.

Nothing beats fresh bedding

All duvets are cleaned, in-house, using one of our 30kg washing machines on a 1 hour 15 min wash cycle to maximise the results.  We also add antibacterial solution which kills viruses and bacteria.

Once dried, we gently place them in a breathable duvet bag. These help keep them clean and dry, even if you put them into storage for the rest of the year.

Suitable for all duvets and pillows.

Pillow (feather/wool)
Pillow (standard)
Duvet, (super king size, feather)
Duvet, (super king size)
Duvet (king size, feather)
Duvet (king size)
Duvet (double, feather)
Duvet (double)
Duvet (single, feather)
Duvet (single)

Same-day Bedding Service

If you need your duvet or pillows back on the same day, we offer a same-day service too. 

Contact us for more details and to book.

Book a collection

To book, call 01243 543877 or fill in the form below.

We'll then call you back to confirm your collection date and take payment.

We only collect/deliver on specific days.

Thanks, we'll be in touch shortly.

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