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Alterations & Repairs

The perfect fit

Do you need a repair on your garment? Or perhaps an alteration or tailoring on that show-stopping party dress? If so, let us fix your garments so they fit perfectly and look fabulous!

Look Great with our Alteration and Repair Services

At Home & Dry we can repair or alter your garments on site. 

We can alter suits and dresses or those everyday clothing gems that you just can’t live without.

You can also have your garments dry cleaned using our wet cleaning method, and ironed onsite too, so they are ready to be worn and for you to feel and look great!

We also offer a next day emergency repair or alteration services, please ask for details!

Repairs & Adjustments


List of most popular repairs as as follows:

  • Trousers – Shortened, taper bottoms, take in the waist, new zip, pockets & crotch patch.

  • Skirt – Shorten, taper side seams, re-line, take in waist

  • Shirt – taper width of body. Shorten sleeves and put cuffs back.

  • Dress – Shorten length, taper underarm to waist, list shoulders

  • Coats / Jackets – Shorten sleeves, new zips, shorten hem, re-line, Sew on badges to blazer’s and jackets

  • Denim – Original finish, repair tears & crotch patch

  • Bridal Alterations – all bridal and evening wear altered

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Alterations & Repairs price list